My influences are first and foremost in everything I see, feel and experience; the people, places, objects that make me react.  I muse as I go.  While I use a variety of materials and processes, my methodology is consistent. There may not always be much similarities between the different paintings, but they are linked by a recurring search for serenity and strenght.

I find challenges in painting or drawing a portrait. The process goes far beyond merely capturing a faithful likeness.  It is not all about establishing the exact truth so much as making the most effective form through which ideas, feelings, perceptions can be communicated to the viewer. The physical process of applying paint creates a unique dynamic energy I find impossible to replicate through any other mechanical process.

As a painter, I have infinite opportunities to edit what I have observed and whether working from life or from a reference, I try to create something that goes far beyond the surface.  I may use photos as a starting point but I always alter them in order to achieve a final state where each element is in harmony with the overall composition because somehow, there is a story to tell!